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First: Why TWO HONS? What an odd name.

Well, how often have you seen a married couple yell at each other "HON!!!!!!" (Short, of course, for "Honey!!!!", pronounced "Hun!!!") when they need something or just want to talk?
Well, it may sound corny, but we are such as couple. We are "Two Hons".
Quite a simple explanation, really.


Now to how it all began.

How does a University employee and an Insurance specialist find themselves re-organising their home and their life around a group of cats?  And what's more, start to breed cats?

Nobody can really explain it, but the cat you see here "GC", otherwise known as "Gaol Cat" began it all. We adopted GC in early 2000 and the original plan was for him to be the main mouser for the old Adelaide Gaol in Adelaide, South Australia.  However, our grandfather fell in love with him and he wasn't allowed to go to Gaol, in other words he was reprieved. 

GC is one of the most lovable and entertaining cats that we have ever had.  He was also probably the naughtiest cat we'd ever had.  He cut his teeth on our newest Harry Potter book amongst others; he regularly would steal food if we didn't have it away and until we changed the handle on our bedroom door he could open the door and let himself in to sleep on our bed. 
He was the peacemaker between our Egyptian Mau and our Blue Persian and bonded with Klink, his replacement at the Gaol who eventually came to live with us too. 

He could be very grumpy if woken from a sleep - in fact there were times when we thought GC stood for Grumpy Cat and he was very very curious.  He loved Po:rli one of our Cocker Spaniels and was intensely interested when Po:rli was having a haircut.  In fact sometimes he seemed to think he was Po:rli - he'd answer to the name and if Po:rli was in trouble GC would be unhappy too. He loved to sit on his Mum every night when she sat down to watch TV and enjoyed kneeding her and sticking that magnificent tale in her face so she couldn't actually see what she was watching.

He loved to watch TV but hated the theme music from Dr Who (well when his Mum made weird noises to it anyway!) and you could almost see his paws go in his ears when his Dad brought out his bagpipe chanter.

We often regretted we'd had him desexed as we realised he'd be a great dad and we'd have had some lovely kittens but it wasn't to be.

One day, poor GC got sick, very sick.  And after way too short a time, he let us know we had to let him cross over to Rainbow Bridge.  It was very appropriate that Nadia the Vet who had found him for us was the one who helped him make his journey.

We began to look for another Forest Cat, not to replace GC because no cat could ever do that but to ensure that we continued to have one of these lovely cats in our home.  One cat turned into two, into three and finally five when we decided to breed and thus Twohonsgc Norwegian Forest Cattery was born.

We hope you will find a kitten just as lovable as GC amongst our kittens and that you will get as much enjoyment as we do from them.  Our cats are loved members of our family along with all of our animals.  They are not just breeding cats.

For the GC memory to live on, we were destined to become breeders to promote his kind.

GC the Magnificent Norwegian Forest Cat  2000 - 2009