Previously sold Kittens

These are lovely Kittens, and We're sorry you've missed out. Sold.
Still, have a look at these beauties and perhaps you will be lucky enough to adopt someone as nice.
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Would you like to see where they are now? Well, we like to keep in touch. Look under "Where are they Now?"

31 At 4 weeks - Cairo
32 Caliph at 3 Weeks of Age
33 Cairo Smoke at 3 Weeks of Age
34 Caliph at 1 week of age
35 Both at 3 Hours Old
36 Twohonsgc Amethyst (female)
37 Twohonsgc Amina (female)
38 Twohonsgc Ash Charlotte (Female)
39 Twohonsgc Ali Baba (Male)
40 Twohonsgc Alika (female)
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